An intensive career advancement program for up to 4 participants per session, this module focuses on the personal skills needed to achieve success in screen fiction.  CAM sessions are held in various cities across Canada, often delivered in conjunction with respected womenís film festivals (e.g. St Johnís International Womenís Film Festival, and the Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto) or other WIDC Events.  Follow up mentoring is conducted by phone and on line over the period of six months following the CAM session. 


The CAM was originally developed through the support of the CTV-CHUM tangible benefits.



®     To advance the success of mid-career women screen fiction directors in achieving their career goals.

®     To develop in participants greater self-confidence in areas including, but not limited to, self-assessment, branding, marketing, communication, leadership, strategic planning, and problem-solving.

®     To develop among mid-career women directors a set of trusted allies who can help spring-board their advancement, particularly in television fiction.



®       Reviewing the participantís career goals.

®       Reflecting on the participantís experiences and future aspirations as a director
- SWOT analysis (Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats)

®       Gaining perspectives from senior professionals and peers in a safe learning environment; including
- Assessment of the current industry landscape / value chain and participants' current positioning in it

®       Exploring and practicing methods/styles of pitching, promoting and marketing ones self and ones projects

®       Identifying immediate and long-term action plans

®       Reporting on the execution of these plans over a set period of time



®      Participants are asked to complete a profile survey and reading before the session.

®      Program personnel review survey results in advance.

®      Participants meet with program personnel and fellow participants in a group and individual settings. 

®     Specially designed curriculum and techniques developed by CWWA through the WIDC program help participants focus on their career path, assess goals and options, and develop immediate and long-term action plans to advance their careers, projects and professional goals.

®     The session wraps up with confirmations of actions plans and final comments.

®     The CAM may also include a public panel discussion with the program personnel (pending funding).



®      Increased internal (personal) confidence and advanced competencies in pertinent aspects of filmmaking as determined by individual participant learning goals. 

               - Greater clarity on career goals and priorities

                     - Increased understanding of professional competencies required for success

                     - Better understanding of personal brand

                     - Greater awareness of industry expectations and priorities

®       Increased external (industry) confidence in women as directors of screen fiction.

®       Increased connection between women directors and the film and television industry system

®       Deepening of the screen director talent pool in Canada.



®    Any mid-career Canadian women director may apply to the program.  Additional consideration will be given to candidates whose films are selected for the respective film festival where the CAM is being presented.

®       Sessions and follow up are facilitated by WIDC Workshop Producer, Carol Whiteman .

®       Senior Mentors (e.g. Broadcaster, Director, Producer, Marketing, and Leadership Experts), review the preparation materials in advance of the sessions and collaborate with the Session Facilitator to develop a mentoring plan for each participant. 



  • Your application should be submitted using either the PDF or WORD forms below:

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Application Fee:                     $50.00



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Festival Pass:                 CAM participant's festival pass fees are included (as applicable).

Travel and Lodging:        Enquire with the host festival and CWWA for possible bursaries or
                                        you may wish to apply for a Canada Council Travel Grant.


Annual Application Deadlines

                                        St John's - September 30

                                        Vancouver - January 31

                                        Toronto – April 15

For more information contact: Carol Whiteman, WIDC Producer




St John's International Women's Film Festival
St John's, NL
Next Festival: October 2014

For more information about the festival go to:




Female Eye Film Festival
Toronto, ON
Next Festival: June 2014
For more information about the festival go to: